From different walks of life, each practitioner brings their
wealth of knowledge and their unique style to the table.

We are brought together by a common passion and dedication to
helping people on their journeys to wellness.


Brett Scott


Brett Scott is an Australian kinesiologist with over 17 years of clinical experience. He brought kinesiology to Hong Kong in 2005 when it was virtually unknown, and through repeated success and word-of-mouth was running a fully-booked clinic within 2 years. He has since helped thousands of clients overcome their physical and psychological issues in order to achieve a better quality of life. Brett also runs the Kinesiology Asia Institute, the first and only institute in Asia to offer Neuro-energetic Kinesiology certificate and diploma courses, professionally accredited by the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA).


Sean Bilkey

Kinesiologist & Head of Education

Sean graduated as a Bachelor of Creative Arts with a Minor in Psychology from the University of Wollongong, Australia, before going on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Law. Since his late teens, he has passionately pursued ways to develop human potential. This drive has led him through a rich variety of models for behavioral change, including Neuro Linguistic Programming, Experiential Learning, Applied Drama, Coaching and Personal Growth. More recently, Sean has studied Kinergetics and Neuro-energetic Kinesiology under Brett Scott. Working as a Kinesiologist, he brings his vast experience in growth and development, supporting people to move forward and make positive change in their lives.


Oliver Smith


Oliver is a neuro-energetic kinesiology practitioner with a Degree in physics and a Diploma in Clinical Nutrition. He has been practicing energy work for over 20 years, through martial arts, Qi Gong and Reiki.

As a father of a child with special needs, Oliver realised conventional medicine offered limited help and began exploring alternative approaches. It was on this journey that he discovered Reiki, learning from Master Wyman Dana Tsui. Impressed by the positive results, he pursued further education and studied Neuro-energetic Kinesiology with Brett Scott, Hugo Tobar and Charles Krebs. Oliver's deep interest in nutrition led him to discover the ketogenic diet which he has been following the past
4 years. He has been educating and coaching clients with this approach, which led to significant improvements on their wellbeing.  

In addition to his work as a kinesiologist, Oliver is a professional musician.

Sessions with Oliver can be conducted in both English and French.


Queenie Wong


Graduated from Queen's University in Ontario, Canada, Queenie received her Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Academic Kinesiology. Fascinated by human anatomy and the mind-body connection, she studied the fundamentals of visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy, and then continued her education of Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology at the Kinesiology Asia Institute. Queenie specialises in limited range of movement and chronic pain.

As a sports enthusiast, Queenie is also passionate about working with clients to overcome musculoskeletal injuries and enhance sports performance. Having played sports throughout her life, she understands the importance of physical activity but also acknowledges the emotional and physical stresses professional and recreational athletes encounter. 

Through muscle monitoring, kinesiologists can identify emotional and mental blockages, and
muscle imbalances that may be inhibiting injury recovery and optimal performance. Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, Queenie aims to help clients return to a balanced state of self-healing and well-being. 

In her spare time, Queenie plays competitively in the Asian International Community Basketball League and for the Tornadoes netball team at the Hong Kong Football Club.


Catherine Ha


Having grown up in Hong Kong and spent time living abroad in Canada, Catherine has been an active volunteer at the local cancer society, hospital and school for disabled children since she was a teenager. The opportunity to contribute to the well-being of others is something that's always energized her.

In addition to being a qualified kinesiologist, she is also trained in bioresonance therapy, the Yuen Method and reiki, all of which she incorporates into her practice. Catherine has achieved incredible results with clients in relieving many conditions including sinusitis, chronic muscle aches and pains, anxiety, sleep disorders, work stress, phobias, and learning difficulties to name a few. Catherine trusts that when stress is properly addressed and managed, it can help one overcome challenging situations and excel. She is continually amazed by the results that kinesiology yields and the in-depth understanding of your body's innate wisdom through the biofeedback of muscle monitoring.

She brings a gentle and empathic approach to her practice.

Sessions with Catherine are available in Cantonese, Mandarin or English.


Pauline Wong


Since 2009 Pauline has made it her personal mission to support people from all walks of life help themselves. She started her journey by setting up her own consultancy company providing talent development training and personal growth coaching. It became clear to Pauline that we all have the ability to grow and develop provided we willingly address our blockages. Personal growth is a way of living.

Through her personal quest for a deeper sense of wellbeing, Pauline came in contact with kinesiology. It helped her heal herself. As a neuroenergetic kinesiologist, Pauline’s renewed purpose is to support women through this natural therapy. By aligning our conscious and subconscious mind, and restoring balance in our body (mentally, physically and energetically), we can stay strong and healthy in the face of adversity, feel empowered to make positive changes in our lives, and age gracefully & beautifully.

Pauline is a registered kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA). She
travels regularly to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia as a visiting practitioner to provide kinesiology
sessions at a local medical centre. She is also a KORE therapy consultant with the UK Federation of Holistic Therapists. And she holds a master's degree in business administration from the University of Adelaide.

Sessions with Pauline can be conducted in English or Cantonese.


Ben Pelletier

Health Coach

Ben Pelletier is a Certified Health Coach specialising in nutritional guidance, customised fitness programs and stress reduction techniques. His primary focus is creating individualised, adaptable and holistic mind-body health plans that integrate lifestyle choices with ketogenic protocols. Ben spent his formative years in Alaska, and has a personal connection to the ancestral perspective on matters of health, which he integrates into his approach with clients.  

As a passionate wellness expert who educates, motivates and guides clients toward lifestyle and behaviour choices that support optimal well-being, he helps create lives of maximum vitality using nutrition and fitness expertise based on scientifically validated principles. Ben aims to help clients extract the most joy, satisfaction, and fulfilment from their lives by focusing on their values, needs, visions and goals in a highly personalised and comprehensive manner. 

Ben has had great success guiding and motivating clients through weight loss and customised fitness plans, and he utilises nutrition know-how based on the science behind healthy food, with the goal of cultivating lasting change and helping to prevent and treat chronic conditions.

Ben makes use of the full spectrum of low-carb methods, and takes a context-dependent approach to dietary interventions ranging from Paleo/Primal to ketogenic and carnivore applications.