I consulted Sean for several issues, some physical and some emotional, realising that I had run out of road with conventional medicine and other avenues. He had already been an invaluable support at various times during my mother’s long illness, so I knew that he would be able to help me resolve my problems. After only four treatments, the difference is absolutely amazing. My sleep is no longer broken up with hip pain, and my ‘grief ailments’ are shifting rapidly, allowing a peace of mind and body that has been missing for a long time. Sean’s provides a gentle, reassuring and supportive approach that enables remarkable shifts and alignments - a gifted touch.
— Lisa
When I went in to Kinesiology Asia I was having daily panic attacks. Anxiety was suffocating me, my default setting was stressed and the simplest chore felt like a mammoth task. I had lost my drive, my joy, and my inner self. I could feel myself becoming a bitter angry person I no longer recognized. Xanax was my crutch. Sean Bilkey was so patient with me, and I’m not sure what he did or how it works but a few months later I am off the Xanax. I feel happy and at peace and am able to face the world with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.
— Tamara
After suffering from debilitating seizures, I was desperate for some answers. Meeting Sean was a life changing experience. His calm and collected nature made me feel at ease and his knowledge of his profession made me feel confident that I was in the right hands. Kinesiology was new to me and I was not sure how my mind or body would respond, but I was pleasantly surprised. Kinesiology will be a part of my life now and in the future, thanks to Sean.
— Nicki
I’ve attended regular kinesiology sessions for many years. When I first arrived in HK, I met Sean and have since benefitted from his professionalism and compassionate people skills. He always offers great and useful support for my entire family. His consistent empathy, genuineness and non-judgment allows me to release life’s emotional difficulties and provide me with the necessary strength to move forward in a positive way. It’s easy to build a unique alliance with Sean. He takes care of you, listening to what you say and what you feel. In a remarkable and respectful manner, Sean gives you the positive energy to come back into present time and serenity. For my entire family, kinesiology is an amazing source of healing. Sean’s work always provides balance and energy, releasing any tension that stops us from achieving positive goals. Life is beautiful but sometimes difficult, tough and painful. However, with kinesiology I have found the support to feel strong and healthy.
— Isabelle
I first met Sean through a friend of mine who said, ‘Just be open minded, I can’t explain it but it works’. My 8 year old son loved meeting with Sean and my friend was right. Sean had a great calming and gentle approach, which my son responded very well to.
— Katrina
Our son Hugo enjoyed very much the Kinesiology sessions he had with Sean. After 3 sessions, he has gained confidence in himself and is now more relax. He mentioned he would love to work as kinesiologist in the future, which shows how much he appreciated the work done by Sean. Kinesiology was very helpful to our son and we strongly recommend it.
— Mourad