I sprained my ankle over 10 years ago, and had regularly sought physiotherapy throughout that time, which offered relief during some distance runs and hikes. However, the pain always returned and I would be back to square one, with an aching sore ankle! I wanted to deal with this issue once and for all as I continue to train and run, so decided to have Queenie help work on this. With her background as an athlete, and in depth musculoskeletal knowledge, she understood the frustrations and issues I had been going through. She combined a few different corrective techniques and was very gentle; the whole experience was quite relaxing. After the first session, I felt immediate release of pressure and pain in my ankle. It wasn’t a quick fix, as being an old injury I know it may take some time, but I’m realising how much of our emotions and self belief effect our healing process
- thank you Queenie for helping me get there!
— Kristy
During my professional dance career, I suffered many injuries to my ankles, knees and neck that continued to bother me even after I stopped dancing. I turned to a variety of different therapies, like acupuncture and physiotherapy with no lasting results. I decided to try a few sessions at Kinesiology Asia and found Queenie to be extremely effective in clearing the recurring pain, diffusing both physical and emotional stress and helping me to enjoy a happy, healthier life for which I am very grateful.
— Lia