The right shoulder pain that has trouble me was relieved, surprisingly, by Kinesiology. Originally, I could only lift my arm about 90 degrees and then a muscle in my upper arm will seize up and hurt so I cannot lift my arm further. In one hour, my kinesiologist pressed points on my arm, body and leg, then I can lift my arm up 90 degrees without pain and then nearly 180 degrees! I cannot but acknowledge that this Kinesiology treatment does have unique effects.
— WAH Kit Ying, Retired Nurse
Thank you for giving me the chance to reflect on the changes I’ve experienced since beginning Kinesiology a few years ago.
Back then, I had chronic knee problems since year 2000, and various other issues including emotional trauma. Many years were spent using a cane to assist in walking

Kinesiology helped to identify that among the root causes for the knee was dormant psoas muscle.
Trauma trapped in the body was also released.

I can’t say enough about the benefits of Kinesiology and feel like I have a new body at 58 years old.
— YT, Jewelry Designer
Kinesiology can effectively identify my physical and psychological blockages. After several sessions, I find that I get up every day in higher spirits than the past and became focused for my study, as well. Catherine also taught me methods to help relax when I get nervous. I think kinesiology is worth recommending to most Hong Kong students who experience heavy pressure from their studies.
— Henry
When I went in to Kinesiology Asia I was having daily panic attacks. Anxiety was suffocating me, my default setting was stressed and the simplest chore felt like a mammoth task. I had lost my drive, my joy, and my inner self. I could feel myself becoming a bitter angry person I no longer recognized. Xanax was my crutch. Sean Bilkey was so patient with me, and I’m not sure what he did or how it works but a few months later I am off the Xanax. I feel happy and at peace and am able to face the world with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.
— Tamara
During my professional dance career, I suffered many injuries to my ankles, knees and neck that continued to bother me even after I stopped dancing. I turned to a variety of different therapies, like acupuncture and physiotherapy with no lasting results. I decided to try a few sessions at Kinesiology Asia and found Queenie to be extremely effective in clearing the recurring pain, diffusing both physical and emotional stress and helping me to enjoy a happy, healthier life for which I am very grateful.
— Lia
I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you: since our last kinesiology session focused on prosperity, so many good things have come my way and I was able to develop my business, make new fruitful partnerships and live well from this activity I have. Thank you so much for your help and kind support. It has really un-blocked me! May you be fulfilled and happy!
— Audrey
Over the past 6 months, I have been working with Oliver Smith at Kinesiology Asia as part of my weight loss program. He has patiently coached, guided & helped me to see possibility whenever I doubted myself (at least 50% of the time). We have used a combination of kinesiology, regular exercise and the ketogenic diet to achieve an 8kg weight loss, down from 88kg in Jan 2015, to 80kg today. I am in the best shape I’ve been in years and I’m not done yet. It is my goal to lose another 10kg and reach and maintain a stable 70kg by the end of this year. Losing 18kg at my age (I’ve just turned 50), seemed like an impossible dream before working with Oliver. Now it feels like a real possibility.
— Steve
Lia has a knack for uncovering blocks that I don’t even know I’m holding on to. Her relaxed, non-judgmental sessions always leave me feeling lighter, clearer, and so much more at ease.
— Karen Tsui
I hired Ben as my health coach and, after he went over my health history and asked a lot of interesting questions about my eating and lifestyle habits - stuff I hadn’t really thought much about - we implemented a specific type of ketogenic style diet with some intermittent fasting. At first I had a LOT of questions, but he was right there to reassure me every step of the way. I feel that making this change was made so much easier having Ben in my corner to work with. Today I continue the same path and tell anyone that will listen, anyone who is ill and especially anyone with autoimmune issue you can reverse the stats. I did. My last labs were all back down to normal, and I have lost weight and kept it off this whole time, all while feeling full and satisfied!

I could go on and on. I usually do. But this will give you the idea of how learning this way of living with Ben allows me to remain in the best shape I can be at 58 years young.

Thank you.
— Lisa C.
I was suffering from Ménière’s disease [a disorder that affects the inner ear, which is responsible for your balance, as well as hearing] when I was introduced to Brett. The disease has affected me in many ways, and has stopped me from doing what I love, which is dancing. After 4 sessions with Brett, I was able to dance on the dance floor at a party! It’s the first time in 2 years! Thank you so much Brett!
— Lynn
I have had prolonged PCL injury of the right leg, from nearly two decades ago, that has worsened over time due to continuous physical stress. It was treated, by a therapist at Kinesiology Asia, in addition to her sessions to help me with my sleeping disorder.

As my knee was typically injuired along with other ligamentious, I not surprised to find out ACL and TFL muscles were tighter than usual on the right leg. This has affected my range of motion and in the week before the treatment caused radiant pain on knee while flexing and relaxing, both when lying down and when walking.

It has been amazing how the therapist first relieved the tension of TFL AND ACL, eventually, worked up the “frozen” PCL. MY KNEE WAS PAINFREE WITHIN A COUPLE HOURS POST SESSION! And, result has been persistent so far, for two weeks.

Having had this experience (which I frankly did not expect), I would readily suggest to others who have long term or even acute muscles/ligaments/tendon strains or issues seriously consider Kinesiology as a treatment option.
— Winnie, Clinical Dietician / Weight Lifter, Oct 2018