I have had prolonged PCL injury of the right leg, from nearly two decades ago, that has worsened over time due to continuous physical stress. It was treated, by a therapist at Kinesiology Asia, in addition to her sessions to help me with my sleeping disorder.

As my knee was typically injuired along with other ligamentious, I not surprised to find out ACL and TFL muscles were tighter than usual on the right leg. This has affected my range of motion and in the week before the treatment caused radiant pain on knee while flexing and relaxing, both when lying down and when walking.

It has been amazing how the therapist first relieved the tension of TFL AND ACL, eventually, worked up the “frozen” PCL. MY KNEE WAS PAINFREE WITHIN A COUPLE HOURS POST SESSION! And, result has been persistent so far, for two weeks.

Having had this experience (which I frankly did not expect), I would readily suggest to others who have long term or even acute muscles/ligaments/tendon strains or issues seriously consider Kinesiology as a treatment option.
— Winnie, Clinical Dietician / Weight Lifter, Oct 2018
The right shoulder pain that has trouble me was relieved, surprisingly, by Kinesiology. Originally, I could only lift my arm about 90 degrees and then a muscle in my upper arm will seize up and hurt so I cannot lift my arm further. In one hour, my kinesiologist pressed points on my arm, body and leg, then I can lift my arm up 90 degrees without pain and then nearly 180 degrees! I cannot but acknowledge that this Kinesiology treatment does have unique effects.
— WAH Kit Ying, Retired Nurse