Working with Catherine, I experienced Kinesiology as one of the most profound and effective techniques in alternative medicine. It goes straight to the root of the problem, resulting in deep shifts and rebalancing within the body. My symptoms around anxiety and tension, which I had for many years, disappeared. Catherine is an amazing healer and intuitive counsellor, and I highly recommend her.
— - S.E.
As a teenager, I never believe in Kinesiology at first. However, after my first kinesiology session, I experienced significant changes in my physical, emotional and mental status. From being tired all the time, now I feel vitalized throughout the day and do not have to sleep in class anymore. Kinesiology also help me to reduce my anger and make me more joyful instead of being negative, which subsequently reduce my stress. Therefore, I would definitely recommend it not just to adults but also teens.
— Martin
I have a session with Catherine every time I feel tired and stressed. Kinesiology is a very soft but powerful healing technique which is helps stay healthy and balanced.
— Alex
I had an eczema outbreak and my right eye was swollen, which caused a lot of discomfort. I was also experiencing very intense mood swings. I decided to try kinesiology. I find the sessions and lying down for the muscle testing very comfortable. After the session, I felt significantly different. My mood was much more relaxed. Skin itchiness and redness was reduced. The most obvious change was my eye - swelling was almost gone and discharge was reduced almost immediately after the session. It is so wonderful. I trust that Catherine will be able to help more people who are in need.
— Shu
Kinesiology can effectively identify my physical and psychological blockages. After several sessions, I find that I get up every day in higher spirits than the past and became focused for my study, as well. Catherine also taught me methods to help relax when I get nervous. I think kinesiology is worth recommending to most Hong Kong students who experience heavy pressure from their studies.
— Henry
After the operation of cardiac stent, my back was very pain and no strength to stand and walk properly. After a few sessions, all the pain gone. I could walk properly. For me, the impression was very strong.
— Chiyo
Pollution levels are high in Hong Kong and it took a toll on my daughter’s health. As many children, she is less able to protect her body from heavy metals or air pollution and she was often sick. Catherine Ha helped her. She gently detoxified and boosted her immune system.
— Clotilde