What is Stress?

When we encounter, or perceive, a stressful situation, our bodies respond in ways to help us cope and survive.  Whether the stressor is something genuinely life threatening, trying to meet a project deadline, or preparing for Chinese New Year, our physiological response is basically the same. 

Human beings are designed to respond to stress quickly and immediately (acute stress) - resources are relocated to certain organs and systems for increasing our chance to survive.  Our body is not so concerned with digesting food or fighting bacteria when it perceives we are under threat; hence, the digestive system is inactivated and the immune system is suppressed temporarily.  When we rest for a day or two after the event, our bodies reset and continue to function at their optimum level.  Unfortunately, our modern life-styles throw various and constant challenges at our stress-response system, giving it no time to reset and for healthy balance to return.  Chronic stress levels have become the norm. 

The good news is we all have a choice.  We can let stress accumulate until one day we are forced to deal with it, or we can proactively put our health (mental, emotional and physical) on top of our priorities.  Achieving total wellness is easy.  All you have to do is make that decision. 

Red pill or blue pill?  You decide.

I'm not sick.  Why do I need a kinesiology session?

With today's busy lifestyles, sickness becomes a clear indicator that our bodies are overwhelmed and struggling to cope.  The truth is our bodies show us signs way earlier than that.  If you find yourself...

  • waking up tired (even with 6 hours of sleep)

  • having chasing thoughts

  • getting sick whenever you are on holiday 

  • getting sick easily and/or often

  • having prolong shoulder/ neck/ lower back pain

  • feeling stuck/ lost/ down

  • craving for sugar such as desserts, soda, pastries, etc.

  • getting irritated easily

  • becoming indecisive

  • always 'ON' (you keep finding things to do), or

  • always 'OFF' (no motivation to do anything)

    ... your body is trying to tell you it needs help.  Addressing the symptoms early can save you going through a more painful process and prevent it from turning into serious illness.