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How much does a kinesiology session cost?

A 60-minute session with our practitioners is $1000~$1500 HKD.
A 60-minute session with principal kinesiologist Brett Scott is $1950 HKD.

We have the following packages available:

5 SESSIONS FOR $4500-7000 HKD*

Enjoy this 5-session package with your selected kinesiologist at a $100 HKD discount per session. Valid for 3 months from date of purchase.

10 sessionS package FOR $10,000-15000 HKD*

Buy 10 sessions and get a free session for a total of 11 sessions with the kinesiologist of your choice. This package can be shared by up to 4 family members and includes an additional 10% off any nutrition supplements you may need. Valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

*Please note that these packages do not apply to principal kinesiologist Brett Scott.

What other complementary services do we offer?

We are currently offering

Reiki & Craniosacral therapy with Geeta Sanchotene

A 60-minute Reiki session is $1000 HKD.
A 90-minute Reiki session is $1400 HKD.

A 60-minute Craniosacral therapy is $1200 HKD.
A 90-minute Craniosacral therapy is $1500 HKD.

For more information, including gift certificates, please call +852 2960 1006 or email us at