Since 2009 Pauline has made it her personal mission to help people from all walks of life help themselves. She started her journey by setting up her own consultancy company providing soft skills training such as effective communication, creative thinking and whole brain thinking. It became clear to Pauline that we all have the ability to grow and develop provided we willingly address our blockages.

Through her personal quest for a deeper sense of wellbeing, Pauline came in contact with kinesiology. It helped her heal herself. She has since then completed her studies and is now a registered kinesiologist. Pauline’s renewed purpose is to support women in staying strong and healthy in the face of adversity and feel empowered to make positive changes in their lives.

Pauline is a registered kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA). She travels regularly to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia as a visiting practitioner to provide kinesiology sessions at a local medical centre. She is also a KORE therapy consultant with the UK Federation of Holistic Therapists. And she holds a master's degree in business administration from the University of Adelaide.

Her sessions can be conducted in Cantonese or English.

Life is not linear, neither is our own unique path within it. If anyone has experienced a life like a modern art piece, it’s Pauline.




透過Pauline的療程,我們藉著我肌肉的反應來檢視我的身心狀態,我們一起探索了我過去積累的情緒和相關的生命經驗。Pauline是個很棒的kinesiologist, 在她的引導下,我會進入很深層很寧靜的狀態,結束時好似什麼被釋放了,很平靜,很輕盈。

— Justina (Taiwan)
I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude to you: since our last kinesiology session focused on prosperity, so many good things have come my way and I was able to develop my business, make new fruitful partnerships and live well from this activity I have. Thank you so much for your help and kind support. It has really un-blocked me! May you be fulfilled and happy!
Wonderful! I have been seeing Pauline since September 2016. She has helped me tremendously with my health and emotional issues! I have severe heavy metal toxicity causing lots of physical health problems, and I mainly used to focus on my physical well being.

But after seeing Pauline, I understood that there are many layers of emotional burden that needs to be cleared out. After peeling all those negative emotions layer by layer, we encountered what felt like stuck energy in my body which hinders full body healing. She helped me clear those out with different techniques, such as kinesiology, Kore therapy, sound therapy and even positive affirmation. My body has healed not only physically, but also emotionally and even energetically. I am so grateful that I have met Pauline!
— Maritza
I have been seeing Pauline for a couple of years now and I always look forward to my sessions with her. As an active individual, her sessions help manage any discomfort I’m experiencing (mostly knees and lower back) in a methodical, gentle and professional way. I find the KORE treatment extremely relaxing and would recommend Pauline to anyone who would like to improve their physical health.
— J.L.
Kinesiology - truly beautiful and super gentle way of taking care of your health and generally of your whole self on different levels!!!

One of my friend kinesiologist, Pauline, helped me to work on very sensitive and important subject of my life. With her knowledges and kindness it made a big difference for me to keep going and feel that I have support on my way.

Every time she was there for me, I always felt her true care and commitment to make a difference not only during session, but outside of work too. It is an amazing feeling!!!

Make my story shorter - I highly recommend to try! Love yourself and Kinesiology is a perfect way to express that!

All the best my dear Pauline!!!
— Inesa Carreiro
I received a kinesiology session from Pauline for my public speaking problems. As a manager, it is important to show my confidence and be able to deliver clear messages while expressing my ideas and giving presentations to my key stakeholders. Two months after my first session, none of the problems I had with public speaking return. On top of that, my spirit is lifted. I never expected the result would be that wonderful. I am grateful and appreciative for all the help Pauline has given me. I highly recommend Pauline to others, and wish her continued success in helping other people.
— J.W.