PRECIOUS moments of the Kinesiology Asia team:

Ultra Trail Du Mont Blanc - UTMB 2017


LOHAS EXPO (Feb 2018)

IRIS Your Escape (March 2018) - Hong Kong's Health & Wellness Festival


Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc - UTMB 2017  @Chamonix

We were there to support all runners with a combined kinesiology and massage therapy approach to treat sports injuries and optimize athletic performance.


24 HOUR RACE HONG KONG 2017 @The Peak

As one of the sponsors for the 24 Hour Race, we provided onsite kinesiology support for participating runners and helping to ensure their muscles were in optimal condition. Good luck to all the teams!


LOHAS EXPO (feb 2018) @HKCEC


IRIS Your escape (March 2018) - Hong Kong's Health & Wellness Festival @West Kowloon Nursery Park

Thank you to everyone who came by and made IRIS such a wonderful experience and for waiting so patiently for their session! We’re ecstatic about the incredible interest in kinesiology at IRIS! It’s been a nonstop queue for our 10-minute chakra healing sessions and we’re thrilled that so many people are having such a wonderful first-time experience! We were so excited to see the enthusiasm for what we do!