Like turning the pages of an immensely satisfying book. Lia’s sessions are thoughtful and thought-provoking, making you want to dive in further and eat up all her words. She does one thing, and that one thing could very well be the spark that lights the root of all things: connecting you to you. She is able to fully tune in to my being, on a historic and molecular level. Lia has been selective on building her toolbox: A handful of techniques and instruments that effectively speak to all senses. She tunes in to several areas that require attention now, including areas I’m mindful of, as well as areas that have been wholly beyond my awareness. She gives these parts of me that I’ve been avoiding, ignoring, or ignorant to, the attention they’ve been seeking. Lia clears stagnant, and sometimes destructive energy, then guides the light to unlock our truest possibilities. Making an appointment with Lia, is making a choice to connect with our most vibrant essence.
— Momoko Nakamura
I had not heard of kinesiology before I went into my session with Lia Wong and was not sure what to expect. I decided to try it because I was having chronic low back pain for no obvious reason. I was enjoying a several month break from my strenuous job, on vacation, enjoying massages and tons of self care but my low back was still tight and ceasing up as if I were overworking and lifting heavy objects. I have done chiropractic and massage therapy for years and thought that I was just overworking my back at work, but it made no sense for it to still be so tight and ceasing up after 2 months off of work.

To my surprise during the session several powerful insights came very quickly and I realized I was holding past fears and insecurities in that area. I was blown away at how Lia was able to communicate with my body and find subtle and powerful insights to what I was holding in my body and what it was trying to say.

There were other powerful insights during the session and I am absolutely intrigued by this healing technique. I would love to try it again and see what other areas of my life my body holds insight to.
— Kimberley Brun
Lia has extensive knowledge through her own experiences in various fields. I am an entrepreneur and she has been able to pinpoint my fears and insecurities and de-stress them. After a couple of treatments, I felt more certain and clear about what I want and do not want in my life and business. Lia also helped me with some digestive problems by providing some guidance with nutrition. All in all, I feel stronger after her sessions and I definitely recommend her services to everyone who is looking for some clarity and support, both business and private.
— Joris van Balkom
Lia has a knack for uncovering blocks that I don’t even know I’m holding on to. Her relaxed, non-judgmental sessions always leave me feeling lighter, clearer, and so much more at ease.
— Karen Tsui