I have had prolonged PCL injury of the right leg, from nearly two decades ago, that has worsened over time due to continuous physical stress. It was treated, by a therapist at Kinesiology Asia, in addition to her sessions to help me with my sleeping disorder.

As my knee was typically injuired along with other ligamentious, I not surprised to find out ACL and TFL muscles were tighter than usual on the right leg. This has affected my range of motion and in the week before the treatment caused radiant pain on knee while flexing and relaxing, both when lying down and when walking.

It has been amazing how the therapist first relieved the tension of TFL AND ACL, eventually, worked up the “frozen” PCL. MY KNEE WAS PAINFREE WITHIN A COUPLE HOURS POST SESSION! And, result has been persistent so far, for two weeks.

Having had this experience (which I frankly did not expect), I would readily suggest to others who have long term or even acute muscles/ligaments/tendon strains or issues seriously consider Kinesiology as a treatment option.
— Winnie, Clinical Dietician / Weight Lifter, Oct 2018
困擾了我两個多月的右肩痛竟然讓肌應療法神竒地舒缓了! 本来右手横向提起到9o度位置上臂近肩膊处的肌肉會抽緊成硬塊手臂不能再上提。一小時裏治療師在我的右肩臂身体和脚不同的地方指指点点按按的,竟然手臂横伸上提到90度時不再感到肌肉抽緊地痛而且可以提到差不多180度!!叫我不能不承認這肌应療法的獨特效果。
— 華潔瑩, 退休護士
Thank you for giving me the chance to reflect on the changes I’ve experienced since beginning Kinesiology a few years ago.
Back then, I had chronic knee problems since year 2000, and various other issues including emotional trauma. Many years were spent using a cane to assist in walking

Kinesiology helped to identify that among the root causes for the knee was dormant psoas muscle.
Trauma trapped in the body was also released.

I can’t say enough about the benefits of Kinesiology and feel like I have a new body at 58 years old.
— YT, Jewelry Designer