Helena Yoon

Kinesiologist & Yoga Instructor

Originally from South Korea, Helena is a holistic kinesiologist and yoga teacher. Years of yoga practice led to her keen interest in the relationship between human anatomy and physiology and its energetic systems. After exploring a variety of holistic modalities, an incredible kinesiology experience with Brett Scott revealed her true calling in life: To apply kinesiology and compassion to help people overcome their challenges, facilitate the healing process, and live better lives.

Since then, she has completed courses in Kinergetics with Brett Scott and Phillip Rafferty, Integrated Healing with Matilda Van Dyke, and Hugo Tobar's Neuro-Energetic Kinesiology.

Helena is also a qualified yoga teacher for adults, children, prenatal and baby yoga trained at Pure Yoga, Hong Kong, YogaKids International of USA (CYKF), and Birthlight of UK. Her calling is to help individuals achieve the same sense of well-being, alignment and empowerment that she has experienced through kinesiology and yoga.

Her sessions can be conducted in English, French or Korean.

Helena has a strong and highly intuitive sense of possible sources of issues, stresses and other symptoms. She works patiently to understanding these better. Her calmness and unhurried approach is relaxing which helps me get more from my session. From being highly skeptical, I have found Kinesiology has helped me with both sports injuries ( I am a keen trail runner) as well as ridding me of recurring bronchial coughs, which I caught quite regularly, year after year, since childhood.
— A.S.
I’ve been suffering from migraines for over 10 years. I consulted several doctors for those migraines. The results were positive but as soon as I stopped taking the medicine, the migraines came back. Only one thing worked well: drinking ‘RedBull’ (daily), the migraines would disappear within minutes. I was also having uncontrollable panic attacks. A friend talked about kinesiology and recommended me to see Helena. Before the consultation with Helena, the strength of my migraines, level of stress and my aggression were very high. Once I met Helena, everything improved very rapidly. My headaches have almost disappeared, I have no more panic attacks and my stress level is now normal. People around me very quickly noticed the changes, as I am more serene, calm and able to express myself without aggression. Today I have found an equilibrium. Thank you Helena!
— L.J.
Helena m’a apportée énormément dans une période particulièrement difficile de ma vie. Elle a su ôter mon stress mon anxiété et m’aider à travailler sur la confiance en moi. De la même façon , elle a travaillé avec mes enfants et a permis à l’un deux de surmonter sa phobie nocturne et a travaillé efficacement sur la brain integration avec mon ainée. Chaque séance me permettait de retrouver un calme et une sérénité assortis d’une grande force intérieure. Je vous recommande vivement Helena pour son grand professionnalisme, son sens de l’écoute et sa disponibilité permanente. Je suis convaincue que la kinesiologie répare les traumatismes hérités du passé et permet d’affronter sereinement des situations qui autrefois me faisaient littéralement ‘exploser’. En d’autres termes, elle m’a permis de ne plus tomber dans des crises de nerfs incontrôlables qui me prenaient toute mon énergie : aujourd’hui j’utilise mieux mon énergie dans des choses constructives ! Bravo et merci Helena !!”
— J.O.
I heard about kinesiology for the first time 3 months ago. From then, sessions with Helena have been a great experience for me. I recovered the internal peace. I never thought I would be saying this, but I feel serenity and harmony in myself and in my life. I am myself and I’m not overwhelmed with life like some weeks ago, it’s a really good feeling. Even my body seems better regulated and efficient, I sleep better, skin problems are less. My friends can see and feel a change on me.
— A.A.E.