Whether you work as a practitioner helping others, or simply wish to improve your effectiveness communicating in business or at home, the Communication Meta model will give you practical tools to make a profound difference.

The Communication Meta Model is a unique course designed by Sean Bilkey from Kinesiology Asia. The Meta Model is a powerful communication tool first developed by Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) founders, Bandler & Grinder and outlined in their first publication, “The Structure of Magic Vol 1” in 1975. The Meta Model identifies specific language patterns that we use everyday, and gives us a set of questioning tools to help gain insight and clarity, and to shift beyond perceived blocks we may be experiencing.

The tools are easy to learn and don’t require any special skills or background other than a reasonable working use of English. The course is divided into eight evening sessions (two hours each) held over the months of May and June. The structure of the course is designed to allow plenty of time,  practice and support to integrate what you are learning.

Friday            May 11th
Wednesday    May 16th
Wednesday    May 23rd
Wednesday    May 30th
Friday            June 8th
Wednesday    June 13th
Wednesday    June 20th
Wednesday    June 27th

Time: 6:30-8:30pm

Venue: Kinesiology Asia, Central, Hong Kong

Cost: $4,900HKD (to be paid upfront before starting the first workshop)

To learn more or request an enrollment form, please contact us at +852 2960 1006 or email us at